Airbrush Gun | Demo And Opinions Of Harbor Freight’S Airbrush

There is a boatload of bad reviews out there concerning this air brush airbrush booth.Um airbrush paint, but I’m here to tell you that.You know this hairbrush isn’t all bad I.If you know how to handle an air brush, you know how to clean an air brush, you can get results from this air brush, in fact one of the reasons why I’m making this video is basically to show zo’s of you out there who are you know I.Curious about air brushing you may want to try air brushing that you don’t have to spend 200 dollars on an air brush to hear results so um.That’s basically what I’m gonna do is I guess, I’m just gonna brush school here right now.A just to show you that, um, you know the hairbrush works can get some pretty decent detail out of it.If you’ve reduced your pain correctly I.The flow is decent, um, the animas ation is decent.In fact, it would be 100% honest with you. I own a two badger one fifties that I haven’t used in probable years but.Um I would much rather use, um.The harbor freight’s a double action assumption feeder brush, then the badger one fifties that I have.Of course it’s just preference, the only the only beef I have with real beef I have with this air brush are the seals, the seals in the head of this air brush should be a solvent resistant and they’re not so but anyways let’s let’s get started, now let’s see what we can do with this air brush.Hopefully, I hope you guys will be able to see this.Make sure you guys could see I’m doing here. Here.Yeah.I’m actually very impressed with this air brush.Twenty bucks.It’s pretty it’s pretty decent I tell ya.Thank you.Yeah.Yeah.Goddamn. Don’t think about it.The cups on the suction feeder brushes, if you’re not used to end up doing something like that, that’s a.On any suction feeder brush with the um.The cup. Extension or compromise of war.AH.But as you can see.I mean this sir brush isn’t half bad I. Please spend a few minutes on this I did this real quick.Um, but.I mean I guess, um.Like dagger strokes in here in the eyes. Um, some shading a fine line, you know.Cracks in the eye sockets.Um, and then just some.HI.Yawn. Other things here, other fine line work.Um, but as you can see, I mean.If I wanted to, if I wanted to spend an hour on this with that air brush. I could paint a killer skull, um so.You know, my point is.Um, if, if you want to get involved in air brushing and you know you don’t want to spend one hundred fifty two hundred dollars on an air brush.A I.Just try this out.A I.Pick up harbor freight twenty Dollar brush, but you can’t go around and just make sure that you clean it thoroughly after you choose.Um, even somebody that’s already been involved.With air brushing for sometime.AH. These are good beater brush, um.He said twenty bucks you can’t go wrong.So I.You know I think I’m gonna I think I’m gonna make another video here, we’re going to go through some um. You practice exercises with this air brush, um.You know there’s some dagger strokes somehow have some barbells, some shading.AH.She put zero brush to the test but.You can see.You know, it’s it works pretty decent.