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Get it right with these you don’t really need a ton of skill and you don’t need a lot of time powder gel manicure, you just need the right procedures and I’m gonna show you how to do that so I took everything off of this hand, so they’re ready to go, but I do have one nail left above and that’s what I want to show you so it’s really the step by step procedures and doing the right procedures and the right curing times, which makes this last and using the right products, so I’m going to buff up each and every nail which I’ve pretty much done for each and every finger but I’ll just do one more, I’m just gonna do my ring finger here, I’m just gonna make sure I buff up every single little spot on my nail just as a little buffing tip, no matter what you’re applying to your nail make sure every little shiny area must be buffed, that is like the number one rule for any type of adhesion I use the corner of a file here to get into the very very fine fine corners, oh also too, if you’re removing manicure buffer. Product make sure you can meet a little bit down the center, but make sure the sides and the cuticle area are completely removed a product because you want the tip to sit down inside on your natural nail, you don’t want to sit on top of your nail and then top of product, then the tip it makes it too high, so do make sure you get it off all of the sides, you can leave a strip down the middle that will be OK but it’s really gonna come off the sides I have two cats in this room, rummaging around in all my nail products, we don’t know where they are, we can just hear them I actually I think one is just sleeping in the corner right, a better net, you can always see her back office, she is so cute, okay before we were shooting getting ready for the video she kept sitting in caravans chair, he kept having to remove her so we can get started.Gigi is a little bit more active she’s rummaging around in all my stuff okay so yeah I’ve got them all down here and I’m just going to make sure there’s no dust as a general rule product does not like dust, okay now for the first step, we want to prep and won a prime these are gonna be exclusive nail couture’s prep and prime so I’m gonna put on the prep like a cleanser, you can put that everywhere and then I’m gonna put the primer on usually when I put the primer on you start with a bigger finger and it’s really just on the natural nail area, you don’t have to do it on the acrylic areas and then the thumb I think a little more product on the edge of that one I’ve been doing nails for 33, no 35 now.Cameron I think that’s right, yeah goodness. That’s a long time I started when I was ten okay so even I after 35 years I have to really remember what the steps are and the curing times that really is the procedure with anything that you’re doing, if something’s not working, it’s gonna be maybe that you didn’t cure properly or the right lamp a long enough for those kinds of things.But I will say when I do this I am gonna I’m just doing myself right, and that’s why I wanna give you the tips to be able to do this yourself using email couture’s full hand lamp because I find holding it with a little lamp that this company recommends you can use a little lab for me I just find it too awkward I like to hold it and then nuke it, this is the press on gel, so I’ve got two different colors, one is clear and one is a pink a exclusive nail couture recommends using the pink, you can use the clear but I’m gonna use the pink and this is actually quite simple step, it’s quite pretty, actually I quite like this, I’m just literally going to paint a thin layer of this gel on this is my adhesion layer to make my tip stick paint this on nice and thin, just like a nice thin coat of polish.The brash it fits nicely in there sometimes you get a good product, but if you don’t get a good brush, it’s so frustrating, if you can’t get your part on it’s a pretty color, it’s very natural looking OK, and this company recommends you hold it upside down for about anywhere between ten to fifteen twenty thirty seconds he says, and then we’re gonna put it under the lamp and we’re going to cure it for thirty seconds.I got a thirty second thing put it on there.My nail beds a bit on the thinner side, so if you have this problem where it burns a little bit creep into it like slowly, just creep into the light and what it’s doing is actually curing a little bit slower. So it doesn’t like cure right away and burn your finger because I do have that problem sometime add a few seconds of cure time, if you want to keep your hand in now there is a button on this.It’s like for 99 seconds but it’s much lower light and slower so that for someone like me it’s perfect for and you can put your hand all the way in so there’s two ways of doing it, if you don’t have that button to go a little bit slower, it’s a really great feature I personally love it because.That’s one of the reasons why I did not like gel in the beginning because it would burn. And it makes it feel like it’s the fault of the product but it’s actually just thinner nail beds right so you want to make sure that you’re kind of creeping into that light I’ll just leave it in a little longer because I creeped in.Okay, so these are already pre etched free on the inside, so that’s one less step, you don’t have to do, that makes a little bit quicker, so the question is okay I don’t really want the coffin okay, so here’s the stiletto sizes, but I don’t think I want them too long although they do look nice.But I think I’m gonna go for more of a shoe, I’m kind of feeling a little bit shorter lately.Even though these ones are kind of longish.Okay, so now I want to size them up.I’m gonna try to make this work with the sizes because I want to do these quick I don’t have to fuss around with them too much, that’s why I’m doing these kinds of nails I don’t really want to fuss too much with the shape, so let’s see if I can just find the ones that I’m happy with without doing any shaping to them, okay always had luck with the thumbs I think.Ooh.That fits nice.Woo.It’s very nice, let’s try one size a bit thicker.It’s not bad.I like the shape, so the shape of the cuticle on this one that really fits my finger, nice.I think that’s actually pretty good I think I’m gonna go with this one.So, these particular tips are meant to have a look of an extended French. Line smiling and when you do an extended French, usually you build it when you’re building it with acrylic or hybrid gel or gel, you extend the nail plate with it, color more solid color and then you extend this smile line of the black with the white of color, what are you doing out a little bit further than what your natural nail plate is these tips are designed the same way.They actually extend the black to make it look more longer and more elegant is actually very pretty, and I love to look up and doing that for years.But they built it into the tip but it’s not completely opaque, if you look at that tip and look at my finger, you can see if I put that tip now over top of my finger.Can you see that underneath there where you can really see I’ll turn the light on him, you can see it really clear, yeah see that do you see that that see-through nus I hate that, but when you’re sculpting a building, you can build it more opaque, but these are a little bit more see-through which is nice because you’re seeing the nail underneath, but your nails not going to be long like that because we’re extending the nail plate, so email couture has solved that problem Max has a gel that is more opaque. So normally would put the product here, you can see the color of it it’s very strong, it’s kind of nice having this little spout here to pull it out there like that you can use the tip right here which is quite an advantage with the trick is you don’t want to get too much because you don’t want to spill around the sides and stuff but as you keep doing this you’ll get better at it, but I know how the light coming through there so I’m going to cover that I’m just gonna do with the nozzle here, I’m hoping that that is going to be an ample amount of product by the time I squeeze it onto my finger, now I’m going to learn this is an experience, I’m gonna have to learn how much product I need to put in there so it fills all the way out, so I’m gonna put it ashy Max does it where he kind of puts it here and then he slides it up he could do that I guess I don’t know if I’m gonna like that as much and then I’m just gently pressing it down but don’t press it too far, that’s a mistake I made with one of my fingers, last time I am going to hold it.Here like this I am going to have a brush ready, so if I have any spillage I can take it out before I nuke it I’m just oh look at that extra product in there yuck, so what I’m going to try to do, I’m going to hold it on the table just gently so I don’t push it gonna just pull it right out now, if you wanted to get rid of that you could simply do it again pull it off and get another tip and do it again, but I think I can salvage this I think I don’t have to do that it’s on there pretty good I just wanna make sure I don’t have any gel coming through on the other side I don’t want to see that off to shape that a little bit I think that’s good, okay, I’m just gonna give it ten seconds, he just said do a ten second nuke and then it’ll be secured in place and you go ahead and do the other one and I do advise that because if you bump it, oh my goodness, you’re not gonna make that movie for dinner, OK.Well done.Okay so I do see a little gap in there.That’s what he said the little nozzle, he was telling about that before.You maybe I didn’t.Have to take anyway, maybe I did have the right amount you can just feel a little bit in there.You know, Max mentioned it and I never experienced before, so I didn’t know a hundred percent he was talking about but I’m glad I did hear that because now I know what he was talking about maybe I’ll just give that a little nuke, so I don’t have to worry about that okay now I can go on to the other fingers and then when I secure them all with that ten second year I can go ahead and nuke them all at once it’s pretty quick actually za so you do get any product on your skin, wipe it away as quick as you can I find it very effective with it.Clean dry brush, if you’re gonna get it wet make sure it’s wet with alcohol I find is the best get the alcohol on your brush and then clean it dry it and then clean it and swipe it away, if you do not clean it away, it will nuke to your finger and again I’m gonna do that ten second didn’t need much the better you get at this the less product you’ll get on your finger, and I do advise you really don’t want to get product on your finger, if you’re doing these all the time, especially if you’re getting product on your finger, constantly you want to try not to do, that’s a good fit, you can see the difference, um, when you do the pink all the way up its opaque right to the very end where the black starts if you don’t put it on there you can see how you can see the light through. That’s what the difference is k, I’m just gonna go ahead and put the other two on’s a hang of it it’s like there’s no over spillage on this one at all, check getting better, let’s give it ten seconds the next finger is a bit bigger, so I need a little bit more which is a tiny bit more zat was not a bad fit, I mean they’re not gonna fit perfect because they’re not custom designed I could shape the stuff that I’m trying to do this quick write when you can get really crazy and really custom and that’s fine, but if you just want this for it and get them on and quick so you can get out the door you want to make it fit you want to make it work, maybe I should do one custom just so you know it looks like.Za mene cubicles are much more oval than these a little bit more square and I’ll custom the next one to show you how you can do that that would fit really good and you just put a little bit of pressure I didn’t eat much and I actually put the right amount of product it’s not spilling out so I’m just getting the hang of it, so ten seconds just a flash carrot, so it doesn’t bump out of place and then I’ll do the minute for the whole thing, okay so let me just custom one so, I can show you if you want to do that you could do that okay that’s not a bad fit at all, it’s quite a bit wider than my cuticle is there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just a different look, but if I wanted to custom fit it, then I would just take a file, and I would just try to shape it so that would fit into my natural nail a bit better, my cuticle area is just a little bit more round than it is.Is this square, just a few little tweaks here and there might do it wipe away the dust and then just sort of place it in there and see if it looks better okay I’m gonna check both sides that’s actually a really good fit and yeah if it’s my cuticle, but I think even a little rounder, it just depends on how picky you get and how much time you might have or patience.K, now I’m gonna get my smooth file and just smooth that one little bit more, just make sure there’s no smooth kick, remove the dust, it’s nice different than usual, anybody know where that’s from okay and then I’m going to add my pink shell, not really bulking it out too much I’m just sort of filling in the nail bed area and that seems to be the right amount that I need to do the build, you might say okay I’m gonna slide it up into the cuticle area a little bit there gently press it down just gently cricket, it’s easy to make your crooked, so do check that oh yeah I check the other ones I kind of did kind of did not bad pretty good actually, so just check that may.Sure it’s not crooked now here’s where the tip can be a little bit of a problem, my fingers are quite curved this way, not a ton but just enough that the tips a little bit more flat, so it either fits in the cuticle and it sticks up higher, this way a little bit or I make it bend down to where my natural nail would flow a bit and the cuticle is gonna stick up so there’s a little bit of a sacrifice, you have to make for these kinds of tips, it’s not going to fit everybody absolutely perfectly because it is a pre shaped tip but that’s not bad I sort of compromise between the two.And that’s not bad I know some smudge, oh yeah the black words cloudy, it’s not shiny because you touched it with jealous yeah it must have been yeah I could take it off and do it again if I’m not gonna topcoat but I’m going to topcoat them I think I am I want to talk to them because see the little tips when you when you get these things they they can be attached to these or if you’re taking it off they will have a little thing at the top right right there see that.Little did it, yeah that’s when it was attached to this thing at some point so we do want to file that off.So I’m just gonna check make sure this is good, but if I’m not gonna put a top coat I would take that off and do it again, but it is a bit smug e there I didn’t get any product on the side, that’s pretty good.And again make sure that it’s straight yeah. Make sure the cubicles flush.As flush as I can get it right, because remember my fingers a bit more curvy okay I’m going to nuke it.For sixty seconds and that is your full and final gear sixty seconds okay there we have it, we did it so you could put a top coat on and off you go and you’re gonna have some nice nails, but if you want to be a little bit picky or you can just take a little pass at the cuticle area and the free edge.Remember that little little thing there if that bugs you it’s not a huge flaw, but if you’re picky and you can notice that it might bug you might bug you if I see it, it would bug you because you’re extra picky and I see some things like this black goes down way further than on this side, you see that.I’m curious when you fall if you take the block right off and yes the back would come off well let’s try it look I’ll just grab the tip here and get them having a little trouble picking them up okay, so if I file these okay yeah look at that it’s coming right off there so yeah there it’s painted on top it’s not black all the way through right, so when you’re filing these be careful that you don’t take the pain off because then you have to take it off, you want to do that, but with this little David on the end we want that smooth so make sure when you’re filing it you’re just filing the very end and making it nice and smooth and you’re not filing the top part at least with a coarse file, okay, so I’m just getting rid of those things where they were joined on that tip’s up. Not much to be very careful okay, so now I have a question I was going to buff them a little, but let me check something if I buffer a little bit with this buffer isn’t going to remove it it’ll be okay, but how much can I do it before yep, not much and then you can start to take it off right, so even this soft buffer could take some of the black off so I don’t want to do that OK, so I’m going to look at the cuticle ‘s, now I’m gonna be a little bit pickier, and I could go around the cuticle but don’t hit the black part because it’s not gonna like it, you could do this, just go around the cuticle a little bit but I mean that’s getting kind of picky if you if you want to do that you can do that I personally like to look because it separates the cuticle.From the tip, it just makes it a little bit more like a separation and that looks more natural woo the cat just climbed up on the back of your chair, you’re gonna go for my cables, oh watch the camera go down okay, so yeah you can see that cuticle area looks a little better when you do that it kind of like that just gives a little bit of a separation looks a little bit more natural, if you have the time to do it, you don’t have to do it, it’s just if you want to okay, so for that one that got a little cloudy, I’m just gonna buff it ever so slightly okay so I got rid of that kind of buffed Mark I didn’t file any of the gel off, now I’m going to use wonder gel because it’s a bit thicker and Max said you can sort of settle into the cuticle area it’s a little bit of a demarcation or if it’s a little bit thicker, you can fill in a little bit or if you filed away a little bit too much.It just sort of fills in a little bit helps you out.So we can file away the cuticle area, but you don’t have to buff the whole thing generally we do do that with top coat, you don’t have to these so dust free, get rid of all that dust, OK so it just depends on how picky you want to get the cuticle, you do whatever you have time for.Or you have the patience for depends on how quick you want these on now I’m top coating them with the wonder gel Zhu za.