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Microblading Process & The Best Eyebrow Tutorial You’Ll Ever Watch. I Promise.

What is possible what is eyebrow microblading, you know and just start from there, um eyebrow microblading near me. It’s not to say don’t reach high reach as high as you want it just to get that high there’s quite a few little many steps you need to take and so you need to calculate every single one of those little steps you know it’s not a single jump, most of the time it’s a lot of little many steps, I need to get done, um, so that’s one thing I really say to a lot of people it’s like you know this is an amazing industry, um, it can definitely give you the lifestyle that you want it can give you the freedom that you want it can give you like the great feelings of working with people and helping people.But, um, it is a business so you just need to look at business wise, if you have a goal in mind fantastic but counted down to little steps you know.Perfect that’s great great advice, Jessica and so you know looking back, um, it’s almost around the two year Mark since you’ve started yeah, what do you think has been the number one thing that has been, um, you know crucial for you to have reached your goals that you set for yourself, um, and to actually get you to the point where you are now where you know I’ve seen so much progress with you like, from the time that I met you, you were in that second a second floor, the studio room now you’ve moved out of that you have your own place, you have your taking on team members you’re growing and you’re growing steadily, which is which is amazing.Two, so what do you think was a number one thing that you did that was definitely crucial to ensure that that would happen, I’m like I said.Put yourself goals okay, but also put yourself some really strict standards. Because it’s so easy to say oh I’m not doing well I’m going to bring down my prices, oh, this person came, and then not sure well here I’ll give them a half off don’t do it, hmm standards, okay, you have you have a value, don’t cave okay, you have a value to what you do, and you know it might take a little bit of time for people to realize that um, but it’s it’s actually the most important for you to realize that a it’s so easy to cave, and just be like okay I’ll just do it for cheap, just get just get more people coming in but guess what, you’re not going to get the correct type of clients that you want the quality clients who live the reviews and who are going to refer you more clients and who are gonna come back you’re going to have that client that’s going to ask the world of you, it is never going to be happy for the small little price you’re going to give them.Keep your standards high, this is an industry of quality, it needs to stay that way, don’t start doing cheap jobs, um, you have a value to what you give, um and so that it before.What you’re willing to do you know like if someone comes in and you’re not comfortable doing it or this is not the style you want, or they only want something that is completely you know.Like just. Keep your standards.Keep and put those in mine right away, write them down somewhere, if you need to but don’t break them.Mhm perfect and so you know just to um just to finish up, tell us a little bit about the current state of your of your business, so how are you doing now.Um, so, as I was saying with my with that whole paper there that I had written in the letter I got back so I have taken permanent makeup classes as well as scalp micro pigmentation, I’m at a point now where I’m actually being recruited I have people coming to me now either I’ve had people come to me wanting to incorporate with me, I’ve had people come to me asking to be an instructor ‘s, oh my next steps, now I’m actually I’m going to be an instructor at the same place where I took my courses which is really exciting, it’s a huge honor, um, a big compliment to because like I said my Prof has very high standards.Um, which is kind of where I learned to sew to keep high standards in this industry and so to be approached by her to want to you know have, have me as an instructor is really really neat, um.As myself and I’m also currently mentoring another young um.Um, artists, um who does tattooing and who has also taken micro blading, so I’m helping her to slowly get into the industry understanding it, taking your time as well and not rushing too much into it and also we’re leaving yeah pay it forward a little and trying to relieve a bit of the extra pressure that one could definitely live in there, um, so just trying to give her a good chance into getting into it, she’s got a lot of potential so helping her out with that, um I would say on average a if we want to talk numbers, um I I probably take about. Twelve new clients a month which if you think of you know every four to six weeks I have.Like the touch UPS as well so I’m taking on I have at least 24 slots typically who that are felt and then, um I I also take on tattooing a I’d say about maybe four tattoos a month and this is really just more fun to be quite honest, I love tattooing but it’s not my bread and butter, my bread and butter is my cosmetic tattooing, but just for fun I also take on some tattoos which is really fun too, so, um.It was funny I was calculating this with my husband, the other week and I probably work about 26 hours including social media and everything else that I do a week, um, and yet you know as a producer I I was bringing in the same type of salary and yet I was working fifty hours a week, so I’m really at a halfway point which is amazing and it’s like you said I’m really seeing those numbers being consistent, which is.So cool because like it or not in our type of industry, you know like.It’s not, it can, it can be very inconsistent by the same time I have a beautiful following, um.And so seeing like all the hard work, so that we placed in, um no online presence, that’s also something that prefer to be a natural online presence takes time, and this is one thing that money silent tonight.Try to get through to me as soon as possible like listen jess you if you want to be well placed because that’s an awesome goal but it’s not something that happens again overnight so you know it’s just really fun to see all the efforts that have been placed into the business in general really starting to take fruit, um, and, um, you know there was one of my clients her.Sister was the one who found me online and she said that I was the one who was the most naturally, um.Highly placed in terms of rankings, um, so yeah, so it was really like like she actually works in the end she’s she works at an agency where that’s what they do so, she was she knew what to look for and how to find the naturally you know ranked highly ranked.Studios and when she told me this I don’t know she understood how big of a compliment zapping and and this is why I want to clarify, I’m Jessica is not technically within Montreal itself, so for her to say that that’s huge because you’re competing against everyone who’s in Montreal proper. And you know she’s in she’s outside of Montreal, um in epi but it’s you know it’s greater Montreal so sure, yeah it’s Montreal south shore but nonetheless you have to take a bridge to get onto the other side, if you want to come, but what I what I love is that some people you know I actually have a.Quite a good clientele, that’s from Montreal who are willing to leave the island and that’s me, people don’t leave the island, no most people material don’t have cars okay so they actually have to either rent a car or something to get onto the shore, um, come and see me, but you know those are the people who and like I said, these are the quality clients that you’re looking for when they fall into my site, or they fall into my information or my references are like.I saw your stuff and you were the only one touching my brows, you know those are those are the biggest compliment you can get, and then they leave and they’re so happy with that choice that they made because these are still quite a important choices you’re not you’re not just coming for something that’s going to eventually leave in two weeks like this is something that’s going to be on your face for a while, so I I love the fact that they take the time to come to the place that they want they found the artist that can really you know, um.Create something that that they envisioned and to me that’s just like that’s huge.It is it is it is totally huge and I’m and I’m so so happy to have seen you know to have been witness of this whole this this whole path that you’ve been on and it’s not a path rather it’s a journey, um, you know too filled with mountains and UPS and downs and everything craters, you’re at a point where you can work you know basically what you would at a part-time job and earn the same as more than a full-time job and your your present for your family and for your son and yourself and know and you know it.It’s amazing and it’s also fun to see that business just really like it’s not something like I said that went from here to here in a thirty day span, but the fact and if you ever have a business background or if you go to a business class. To be able to see a business really take its time but always going in the increase.Under a longer span of time.It is really really great, um, because those are the ones that most people are willing to invest in because there’s a consistency to them, you know, um, which is really fun too, so I don’t know anyone who’s listening to this I don’t want you to be discouraged, I feel like I didn’t go from here to here in like three months time, it’s okay, you know like take the time it takes get the models and get the experience like like don’t discourage yourself too much like an Olympic athlete doesn’t get made in two months, you know like an Olympic athlete gets.Years and years and years to perfect what they do and we kind of have to take that as you know that’s kind of the road I took I have an Athletic background, so I said OK, well listen, it took me a while to get to where I was let’s apply the same thing to a business and you know instead just.Build it correctly and strong with a strong base, yeah.And OK, last question, go for it I’m out of all the marketing things that you do, which one is which one proves to be the best inch in bringing you clients.S E O oh nice, so our most of your clients finding you 95% Internet 95% Google searches when they do their research, um I have a Google business, but I also have my site and that’s how they find me that’s 95% I have a consent form that they fill out and the third question on that consent form is referred by and I always tell them it’s how you found me, was it a friend was that Facebook was it Instagram and.95% of my clients how they find me when by doing their research online on Google a that’s amazing, yeah that is amazing I I I always suggest that people invest time in in se, oh, because um it’s the most sustainable, I mean you can get to the top of Google search results tomorrow. .Oh, if you really need to pay, you know 300 dollars but are you gonna be willing to pay three hundred four hundred dollars every single month, who knows you know but you can get there for free so you can get them for free, why, why, why bother you know and it’s it’s a consistent thing, people are looking at it and again you know like.It’s invest the time and z because you you you’ve done a lot with Google, my business you’ve got you’ve gathered a lot of reviews and you also know someone who told me their very important yeah yeah, and you, you know you, um, you also brought in a few influences who want just influences they were also bloggers.Right, and so this is this is key wrote articles right, you don’t want, I mean Instagram is nice, it’s great but it’s a lot of fluff and whatever people write on Instagram it stays on Instagram, it’s not going to go on Google and people are not going to find it if they do a Google search, so if you work with a blogger as opposed to an influencer and this person writes a blog post. It it’s like a voucher there vouching for you and so Google starts you know progressively increasing your rankings and this is what you did so I I mean I think it was the first one that you and I found one of the first, um influence is a was a blog over in Montreal and that article still to this day.Brings me in.Traffic clientele to this day, it’s perfect and what did you give her in return, did you have to pay her or did she just give a browse great and and I get tons of people asking for that similar type of brow from that influencer so you know that’s that’s what I did like I it’s the best way to give back, it’s the best way to a exchange you know exchange of services has really been helpful in that sense you know everyone’s looking for that perfect bro, you can offer that to them and they’re walking around like billboards for you um, that’d be through their blog or at least through them you know so it’s really good.Yeah all right Jeff, thank you so much for giving us all of this great advice I think, um I think whoever’s watching today is walking away with a lot of motivation and I think also perhaps very um.I I think that hearing you say all of this helps relieve like this huge pressure that people put on themselves, it’s okay, it’s gonna happen, it just takes time and it’s necessary sometimes to hear someone who’s already gone through that say it now because we know it, but we.You know we don’t we don’t tell it to ourselves and it’s you know the ones that you see the ones that are highlighted are those huge success stories like I said that does exist and I’m not it but I can still recall and I think it was in that Facebook group that you had created again that community which is so helpful because you sometimes feel so lone as though you’re the only one that’s failing at this why, am I the only one you’re not. And you’re not failing I just thought everyone goes at their own rhythm and it was a video of this one lady who said.Let’s be realistic here people that first year, what really happens and.She was had a very similar story to me in the end, you know if I look back at what happened in my first year it was basically the same thing for her, and yet she’s very successful now, um, but it was just so nice to see that okay.Like this is normal, this is this is okay, and guess what, you’re you’re you’re gonna get through this, you know it’s just it’s just nice to know it’s just nice to know there’s other people who have like.D.Let’s call it less fabulous celebrity sorry you know in your industry or the less a snowball Lee path, exactly you know, um and and then it’s okay and you know that I kind of see it as a good thing too I’ll be quite honest, not for someone if you have instant success.Awesome, you know like congratulations that’s amazing, but at the same time, if you have gone through the worst at the beginning, you’ve got this really really like. Very strong baggage.Two.Work with different situations when they present themselves because you could have insurance you know you know that insurance you have a better idea of how you want to go forward, you took the time you really understand you know where you want to go when sometimes things go too fast, you don’t have a chance to go through all that, and then you’re kind of faced with like oh my god.What do I do with this situation, you know, like you, you haven’t been through that well as if you do at the beginning you’ve kind of gone through the hardships first, um, you sometimes have a better like a visualization of where you want to go with it, so anyway, I’ll just say you know everyone with their own path, but um.Just you know.But it’s OK.Yeah, thank you jess, so, um, if you if you enjoyed this video a duet leave us a thumbs up subscribe to our channel, um, I’m gonna leave Jessica’s socials and her website here in the video link description, if you have any questions, um for Jessica a throw them in the comments as well I’ll be sure to relay the message to her and tell us about your story too, you know if you’ve been if you’ve been feeling like you’re you’re struggling, or maybe you you’ve come out and you’re on the other end, definitely let us know in the comments and thank you Jessica, thank you so much I think everyone got a treat out of having you here today.Thank you for thank you for coming on and being so honest, here’s how welcome oh one last little bit of advice.