Introduction to PHPUnit Integration Testing and Twilio

So in keeping with the idea of exposing developers to topics they may not know about, to give them a reference point to start from when they encounter problems that could be solved with various technology.

First, I gave a presentation on how to get started with PHPUnit and Selenium to build your first integration test.

One thing I didn't pont out during the talk, was I chose PHPUnit simply because there are less moving parts. It's very easy for anyone to see the connections between writing a PHPUnit Selenium test and what is actually happening, whereas configuring Behat with Gherkin adds more abstraction and more steps to get to your first successful test.

Remember, the most important part of testing is to have tests to run.  The technology that powers them is secondary and should not stand in the way of simply getting started. Once you are comfortable writing tests, then expand your practice to look at the benefits of a Behavior Driven Development approach with Behat. But first? Test.

Extra links on XPath

And the slides:

I also spoke for a while on Twilio. This talk was much more unstructured, and while I do have a video recording of it, I would prefer to distribute it only to those present, upon request, as I don't feel it is anywhere near presentable for general consumption. That said, here are the slides, and a link to the GitHub repository for the demo, as well as the GitHub repository for my own custom wrapper over the Twilio SDK.


  1. cordoval
    December 2, 2012 @ 7:15 am

    you just made me a monster on phpunit with selenium

    he he your first try on xpath, that question made you spent half of your presentation time

    and you missed the twilio part of things… :'(

    thanks for sharing


    • Jacob Mather
      December 2, 2012 @ 2:07 pm

      The Twilio one simply wasn’t very well thought through. I didn’t have the time to make it what I wanted it to be. Making long presentations with only a few weeks in between, of any sort of quality, would be difficult as a full time job, not to mention trying to do it /with/ a full time job.


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