Code PaLOUsa 2014

I have had a great time in Louisville, KY at Code PaLOUsa! Chad and the rest of the Code PaLOUsa executive team know how to throw one heck of an event.

I gave two talks at Code PaLOUsa this year, both about development environments and their importance and impact on the lifecycle of your code.

Virtualize your stack with Vagrant and Puppet gets into the nitty gritty bits of implementing a multi-server virtualized environment, to get you off to a running start bringing your development environments into proper alignment with production.

Much more Eggs than Bacon: A Development Environment Cookbook then covers the macro view, as well as some implementation tips and tricks, of both what will need to happen to your organization before development environment creation can begin, as well as some of the fall-out from your team's new found tools.

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