On continuing education – Podcasts

I wanted to write a quick note about one of the ways that I stay up to date with things: podcasts.

They’re great for anyone who commutes, and the rest of you can surely find some time to fit them in somewhere. Even if you can only track one or two.

A lot of the podcasts I listen to aren’t specifically web development or even PHP related, but that is on purpose. I have Twitter and RSS feeds, as well as IRC for keeping up with more directly related topics. I’ll detail those later.

For Development

For Education

  • The Critical Path — A podcast by Horace Dediu about the theory and practice of disruption, and jobs to be done theory. It has an Apple centric overture, but it uses Apple as an example to build a lesson from.
  • Freakonomics — Always interesting(ish) topics, to keep the brain going.

For Humor

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