What is your dream job?

I was thinking about what my dream job would be today, and it occurred to me that I have already figured out my dream job, and how to get it. I have it, in fact. I just haven’t figured out how to actually get paid for it.

See, I have always liked to help people. Never doing well in school, though, ruled out a whole list of options. However, one thing I have always enjoyed is programming.

I wonder how I ended up helping out in #symfony? It seems I made up my own dream job.

So, having your dream job is great, but not being paid to do it, well, that’s not going to work. I have a family to take care of, and they have this unfortunate habit of eating.

So — it’s a work in progress. I suppose that’s pretty much like everything else we do, no?


  1. cordoval

    thumbs up mate, you rock, thanks for encouraging me :)!!


    • Jacob Mather

      Glad to do so!


  2. Jon

    Great post Jacob!

    I think it’s interesting how many of us gravitate towards our dream jobs. I think taking a deep look at your hobbies, regular hangouts, etc can provide a ton of insight into what really makes you happy.

    I’ve still got some soul searching to do 🙂


    • Jacob Mather

      I think the soul searching is something everyone does continually.

      If I had to pick an ideal “job” style job, the closest thing I’ve seen has been, SauceLabs has to have the killer one at Sauce Labs PHP Developer Advocate. To be paid to encourage community and work with people to build awesome things? That’s pretty sweet.


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