Thinking to the future

What a ride this year has been, and it’s only slightly over half way done! I got a new job, and then we got acquired. While doing that, I’ve moved twice, each time carting loads of things from across the country. It’s been a heck of a year, and it’s nowhere near over.

All this change has made a few things exceptionally clear:

  1. My work very much fulfills me technically. In the last 5 months, I’ve worked on so many awesome projects. It’s left little time for other professional pursuits, however, which makes me sad, and I wish my friends at Point 5 Foundry well.
  2. On a related note, when I am not at work, I really just want to be with my family, relaxing, and having fun. Or, perhaps, if you’re an API fan, rest-ing.Yeah, ok, that was bad. I admit.
  3. If I was going to interrupt any of these two things, it would be spent being involved in the community. Our community is awesome! It’s not just our community though. I only have this for a career because of all of the hard work put in by so many really amazing people, so the least I can do is try and pay it forward.

So with that, there is one other announcement I am really excited to officially make (though, granted many of you may know by now, since I am so slow in writing this): I am now co-organizer of the San Francisco PHP User Group. Mike and I have already gotten one talk on the books, and we’re cooking up something extra special for September. I can’t wait until we can announce it.


  1. cordoval

    great news jj, hope to be able to attend the conference in san francisco if there is one

    glad to hear you are having a blast, encouragements and thanks for mentoring me always.



  2. Uzo


    I knew there was big news on ye olde horizon but I had no idea it was this awesome! Congratulations are certainly in order 😀


    • Jacob Mather



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