Back to the basics: weekend hack project

This weekend I was invited by a few friends from the Ann Arbor PHP User Group to join them on Saturday night and figure out something to work on together.

TLDR: I need to do this more. It was immensely fun.

So it started off with a few ideas flying around on what to build, and then I’d mentioned that I have wanted to build an app for estimation poker since forever. Also — it seems I can be somewhat persuasive.

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So the four of us sat down (Jonathan, Kelly, Jason and I) and we sorted out what our MVP (Minimum Viable Product to those of you who don’t live in startup land) was going to be. We settled on features and the basics of the protocol, and then had to pick technology. I’d seen that Ember.js seems particularly well built for building a multiple concurrent user system, so I suggested that, and I believe it was Jonathan who suggested Node.js for the back end, and of course — for communication. Jonathan and Jason would pair to build the back end, while Kelly and I would take the divide and conquer approach for the front end. With all of that decided, there was only one other choice to make…


Because it’s a fun name to say, that’s why.

So as of today, the minimum viable pieces are actually working. You can check out the github repository, or even see the live demo up on Heroku. I’m hoping we can maybe look at using it at work to help encourage participation during planning meetings perhaps, but even if that never comes to fruition, it has certainly been a fun project to work on, even just as far as it is now. It still has a lot of rough edges, but you can see it starting to come together.


  1. Jon

    So fun! We should do these regularly when we’re neighbors! 🙂


  2. Anzhela

    Hi, this is great, but it seems to insert an extra line break beetwen each line in the gist. The line numbers on the left are correct, but the gist itself extends way beyond them. It does it here on your site, and also when I try it on mine. Any ideas what might be causing that?


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