1. Tim Mather
    March 3, 2014 @ 1:38 am

    Jacob and April,

    Really gratifying for an Uncle to see such a solid loving relationship, which generates the kind of trust needed to take the kind of risks needed to generate the wonderful life you two (three) have created.

    Cheers to you, hope to come visit in 2014 and share in the joy and the sourdough in person.

    Uncle Tim


  2. Caylynn Mather
    March 3, 2014 @ 12:01 pm

    Jacob, April and Rosie,

    So glad you are happy with your new life. Of course we miss you terribly, your frequent visits have made it easier. I am so proud to see you (Jacob) reach for the stars.

    Love to you all,



  3. Jean Mather
    March 3, 2014 @ 12:51 pm

    It is so good to hear such great things about your life as it is “one year later” and to know you are happy, doing things you are good at and enjoy and love and appreciate your April and Rosie. May it always be thus!
    Love to all three of you


  4. Uzo Olisemeka
    March 11, 2014 @ 11:21 pm

    Congratulations Jacob!

    The future has more interesting changes lined up for your you and yours so get ready 🙂


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